Monday, August 1, 2011 the new moon appears

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about

How my 1st morning of Ramadhan started

I was sitting at the counter as usual. And at normal basis, the mall guard would stand by near the counter.

Suddenly he asked *translate* "Salam, I'm sorry to disturb you, but can you translate this in English?" .I replied yes. And he pulled out his small little book (buku 555-I havent seen this book in ages) and a pen, started writing in Arabic. I was stunned.
As he continued to write in that small paper, i was mesmerised and impressed by such beauty in his writing and his memory.

Why? It is a very rare to see a person writes in Arabic nowadays. And he is a young lad. Kids nowadays barely write Jawi and this kid can write it without hesitation. (I have to apologies, this sentences is applied to the surroundings I am in especially my work place and my lifestyle)

He stops, and looked at me *translate* “Akak*, it’s this sentence”. And ask me to read it. (*Akak means big sister-mostly people would use it to show respect)

I admit that I was never good in reading Arabic or reciting the Quran. And with the little knowledge that I had, I tried my best to read it. (Honestly, to rate myself in a scale of 1 to 10, I'd be close to 1 or 2 only)

I looked at him, and confessed that I need help from him to actually explain to me the meaning of it in Malay. He recites it in Arabic, and then translates:
“Hai orang-orang yang beriman, diwajibkan atas kamu berpuasa sebagaimana diwajibkan atas orang-orang sebelum kamu. Tujuan agar kalian takut dengan Allah”

He apologised if the meaning wasn’t that accurate. And pass me the book. I jotted it down and start to translate it in English.

I gave it back to him.

After a while I remembered my sister advised. She stated that the Quran uses beautiful words and sentences that need the right and proper way to translate it. So that its beauty can be understand.

I call him back to ask him regarding the book and explain to him that I need to translate it again according to the write and best English translation.

He then pointed out that the book wasn’t for him, it was for his friend, another guard who was post at the entrance of the mall.

“Call him here”, I requested. And the boy came, a bit shy and looking down on the floor. “Give me the book and I’ll help you get the accurate meaning in Bahasa and English”

So my research in the translation had begun.

I started reading articles and search through the internet.

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman, diwajibkan atas kamu berpuasa sebagaimana diwajibkan atas orang-orang sebelum kamu agar kamu bertakwa, (iaitu) dalam beberapa hari yang tertentu. Maka jika di antara kamu ada yang sakit atau dalam perjalanan (lalu dia berbuka), maka (wajiblah baginya berpuasa) sebanyak hari yang ditinggalkan itu pada hari-hari yang lain. Dan wajib bagi orang-orang yang berat menjalankannya (jika mereka tidak berpuasa) membayar fidyah, (yaitu) memberi makan seorang miskin. Barangsiapa yang dengan kerelaan hati mengerjakan kebajikan, maka itulah yang lebih baik baginya. Dan berpuasa lebih baik bagimu jika kamu mengetahui. (Beberapa hari yang ditentukan itu ialah) bulan Ramadhan, bulan yang di dalamnya diturunkan (permulaan) Alquran sebagai petunjuk bagi manusia dan penjelasan-penjelasan mengenai petunjuk itu dan pembeda (antara yang hak dan yang batil). Karena itu, barangsiapa di antara kamu hadir di bulan itu, dan barangsiapa sakit atau dalam perjalanan (lalu ia berbuka), maka (wajiblah baginya berpuasa), sebanyak hari yang ditinggalkannya itu, pada hari-hari yang lain." (Al-Baqarah 183-185).

As I was going through and reading further, I heard a soft Quran recitation behind me. To my surprise, the boy was standing and smiling while reciting the Quran on my screen. And behind him, were 2 more guys were standing listening and reading.

These guys were very happy and smiled at me, asking me the meaning in English. I was a bit shy and admit that I am never good and only have little knowledge of the Quran.

I volunteer to write the meaning in his small little book.

They left the counter and the guard continued his duty.

This got me thinking.

How beautiful such feelings can be. How wonderful such emotions would be. They left by giving salam to each other. They left by shaking hand and exchanging smiles.

These kids* have this beautiful spiritual attachment in their hearts and they share it with others. (pardon me, but I call them kids as I like to label myself being an old person and a big sister to others)

The guard is a Sabahan (if I’m not mistaken) and the two others were Bangladeshi, working in Village Grocer at the mall. I assume the reason why they were interested in the translation is because they can share it with each other and they can share it with the others.

As my eyes wondered around, I noticed that they are like one big family, going about giving salam and smiling to each other all around. Not to just their foreign friends, but also to locals, as they greeted one of my concierge team with a hand shake when he arrived.

I must say, it is truly an eye opener and great wake up call for me. I got to taste a small percentage on how beautiful the hood can be and witness the splendour of Ramadhan.

It was truly beautiful indeed.

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Monday, June 6, 2011 in cartoon motion

funny i tell ya =D

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Saturday, June 4, 2011 love

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about


Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, more commonly known as Lat, (born 5 March 1951) is a Malaysian cartoonist

I grew up with his 'karya' (works). In my opinion, his works are genuinely awesome. Even though i have read it trillions of times, yet, when i read again, still makes me laugh =D

"Tak lekang dek panas, tak lapuk dek hujan"

its a Malay saying which means ‘it would last through any harsh weather’ – a metaphor used for any karya (great works) of an artist.

His works includes all subjects.
From the yummyness of banana leaf.... government officers..... dealings of teenage crisis......
.....or odd situations in a chinese restaurant....
......even transportation.....
...and of course....durians.......
And at the end of the day, the massage that he trys to convey is hidden, yet beautifully constructed to be deliveried into the people's hearts.


And for the love i have for Dato' Lat, I would like to make a shout-out:


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Friday, June 3, 2011

RANDOM.....uphill feeling

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about

Being in the BRIGHTSIDE clan

"I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet"

3 days ago my sis and I had a motorcycle accident.
Last 3 weeks, I had to tow my car to a workshop
Last 3 month I had a flat tyre.

As we sat waiting for the doctor to come back with the x-ray, my sister giggles at my silly jokes.
While my car was being towed, I sat in the truck with those men and they were chuckling at my anecdotes.
As I sat on the side of the road, looking at my flat tyre, I had a smile on my face as my heart was making gibes.

It’s funny how I can still find a ray of sunshine in a gloomy day. People around me have often asked how I can be so positive. When situation seems to be so difficult, I tend to be a bit optimistic.

"I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet"

It’s an old Persian proverb. I had come across this aphorism when I was watching NCIS. Ducky was telling his intern and explaining how situation can be such a pain in the *ss, but still, you can think on the brighter side.

Yes, sometimes I do cry at night, when things aren’t going my way and I tend to be dejected.
Yes, I do sometimes hide away my tears if things sadden me.
Yes, I am human, to add up, I’m an Eve, whom can cry in any given hard situation.
And yes, it is no shame, at all, to display your emotions and you can cry if you want to.

My sister had to do an x-ray. When we fell off the bike, I landed on top of her head. I had a big cut on my knee. We have bruises and cuts on our hands and legs to add it up.
My car’s engine was jammed, resulted to no motor oil. I had to buy a new engine and that cost more than I have in my bank account.
My car didn’t have a spare tyre and I have be at work in 30 minutes. There was nobody around because everybody’s already at work.
But I don’t know why. At these given hard times or situations, my mind and heart tend to think on the bright side.

I had no broken bones and I can send my sister to the emergency ward, on the bike.
I was safely on the side of the road, at 8.30pm, after the rush hour, on Friday.
I wasn’t in the car when the tyre went flat.

And I thank God, the Almighty. Still, I was fortunate.

These hard times will make us stronger.
These hard times will make us wiser.
These hard times will make our skin thicker.

Learn to value live and love.
Be more grateful and minimize arguments or complains.
I learn the value of money at the age of 18. But these children didn’t


I am still blessed to have food on my table, a roof over my head, a pillow when I sleep, a family to go home to, beautiful friends to talk to....and many more.

Dont count your blessings....just appriciated them more.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

RANDOM.....the same passion, the same contribution

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about

Unsung Heroes - Contributors & Supporters

There was a family who stood there watching. And their son caught my eye.
No, he wasnt good looking.
And no, i wasnt eyeing nor glaring at him.

He just stood there, watching the group.

As Kirby, Kevin, Richard and his wife were trooping, he stared at the group. With no expression on his face.

Nor scare, nor happy.

Just stood there, watching.

The father tried so many time, pushing him to go to the troopers to take a photo, but the son indicates that he didnt want to.
The family stood there, watching the son, watching us.
Then the father noticed that i was staring at them. I quickly looked away.
He reached into his pocket, gave it to his son, and pointed towards me.

As he came, walking, i knelled down, for him to gave his family's charity contribution.

And as he was putting it inside the box, i kept looking at him.
He looked at me, and i smiled.

"Thank you.....thank you very much...."

The kid with no expression, I'd tell you, when he was putting the charity inside that box, his face just lids up. When I thank him, he smiled.
Yes, he smiled.
And as he was walking back towards his family, the father, mother and his brother, cheered and clapped for him.

I bow down, indicating thank you, to the family.

As they turned and walkaway, i saw the family patted the son's back, stating well done, and the son just smiled and was very proud of himself.
He had the most beautiful smile i've ever seen.

I hold the box in front of my face, and yes, i started to shed some tears.

I looked towards the group, and i saw Kirby as the stormtrooper posing with visitors, never a dull moment that he wouldnt pose for the camera and shaking hands with the kids. Kevin, the imperial officer, whom always there trooping and being a sport, posing for pictures. Richard and his wife, Biker scout and Jawa, side by side, creating a power house. And there was Dave, whom always carried the banner all day, assisting and up-to-toe for each picture taken. Ivan and Azizul, both camera men, capturing each moment and also making sure everybody's ok. And there was also Tara and Deneb, Richard's children. They were always there, assisting the posters, taking pictures and videos together.

And then i remember the last week event. Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon festival. Where the 501st family gathered and show their support for charity. That moment was beautiful. Almost amazing. Helping,side by side, to raise fund for the Japanese Tsunami Relief. All came to support the event. Even the ones who cant make it, their support shines by comments, texting and wishes.

At that moment, what i encounter, what i saw, and what i remembered in my mind, made me suck up my tears, and kept going. It was a new found strength, that inspire me to push just a bit longer and make the best out of everything.

And boy, was it worth it.

Yes, we were proud of it.

I am proud of them.

I am honoured to be with them.

In the name of charity, and sharing the same passion, we raise fund.

The 501st family, helped to raise fund. Supporting each other.

I stood there watching. At a family. The son caught my eye.
No, he wasnt good looking.
And no, i wasnt eyeing nor glaring at him.

He was a down-syndrome kid.
and he had the most beautiful smile of all

Lady: "where're hans solo....?"
501st: "we dont have him..."
Lady: "why? should, you know..."
501st: "we're the bad guys...."
Lady: "the bad guys....?"
501st: "yup, the bad guys...."

and bad guys it is,
not bad
not bad at all...

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RANDOM.....following the footsteps of our older generations

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about

Nenek (the mother of my mother)

This is my Nenek (grandmother). She is the last of her generation. By ID, she’s 81 this year. But by reality, she’s supposed to be 83.


When she was born, her dad, my great grandfather, had difficulty going to the town and registering her. Hence, after 2 years, then only he was able to make her birth cert.

I believe that without my nenek, I wouldn’t be who/what I am today. She contributes certain part of my personality. Following her footsteps, I learn patients, endurance, being grounded, following my roots, and many more.

Nenek was born in Malacca; her early childhood years were spend there. Later, the whole family moved to Klang. When she was 16, she was force to marry a Syed from the east. The best part, she was still playing in the dirt and still have a running nose. In other words, she was still a kid.

The Syed had another wife, the first one. When his wife got to know about the marriage, with the thought of ‘how dare you take my husband away’; she came with a parang to my great grandmother’s house; wishing to seek and slay Nenek.

But when she arrived and asked for Nenek, what she saw was just a little kid, playing around with flowers in front of the house.
Nenek told the story where she remembered the 1st wife asking my great grandmother:
“Ini orangnya?” (is this the person?)
My great grandmother nodded
The 1st wife burst into laughter “budak hingusan ini? madu aku?…ahahahah….” (this little kid?...hahaha…)

Nenek just stood there puzzled and didn’t know what was happening. The 1st wife went back, and a week later a divorce letter were sent to the house.
“Dengan ini, saya ceraikan Khadijah…” (with this, I divorce Khadijah) that’s what the letter wrote.

So after that, she stayed with her mom and her sister. She went through a lot of hardship especially during the Japanese occupancy.

She told me the stories of what the Japanese done; how some of the villagers were tortured and how hard to get food, plus many more.
They survive it all, fortunately.

And only at the age of 31, my grandfather came and asked her hand in marriage, and she replied yes. How did they end up in Banting? Well, Tok Babah (my grandfather) got a job offer by the government, to be one of the manager at the tea plantation there.

I wish I’ve known Tok Babah. I didn’t get the chance to meet him. Tok Babah passed away when my mom was only 8 years old. I’m sure he was a great person. And note to all, he’s a Chinese from China, who came to Malaysia with my ancestors to seek wealth here. He got married to a Malay woman and had 8 kids. She passed away, and later on, married my grandmother.

Nenek had many stories in her life. And she would tell the stories to whoever wants to listen to them.

If you asked her about Merdeka, she will tell the story on how she was very grateful of the day Malaysia claim independence. And how she was happy carrying her one-year-old daughter (my mom) around during that day.
“Syukur la jugak bila kita dah merdeka….dulu memang susah, susah sangat…” (Thank God for the day of Independence…it was hard during those days, very hard)

You can see tears in her eyes, and you know how that reflects the destitution during those time.

Nenek is the last person in her generation, and still, going strong. I’m very proud of her.

I love her very much and hope my children will get the chance to meet her, Insyallah. So they can hear the stories and know how great and strong my nenek was, and be proud to know our ancestors and our roots.
Through her stories, Nenek taught me to be grateful with what we have. And with that, I have learned the skills to be grateful very well. Very very well, I must say.

I have learn that by being grateful, I can appreciate what’s in front of me, and try to make better improvement if needed so.

By being grateful, we tend to minimize complains.

By being grateful, we will appreciate more.

And by being grateful, we will automatically try to improve our self for the better future.

But the sad part is that 90% of learning to be grateful is by losing certain things in the 1st place.
“manusia akan menghargai selepas kehilangannya…” (Humans will only be grateful after losing it)-Wise words from Nenek, and this, I must agree.

My wishes on this 31st of August 2010:

1.For those who complains about Merdeka: to stop and think carefully the main reason you are complaining. And before you start presenting your files of complaint, please study thoroughly about Merdeka, the process and the intentions in the 1st place. You’ll understand once you go deeper.

2.For those who complains about Malaysia: Sadly, 80% who complains are somewhere outside the country. They complain about transportation, wi-fi, technologies and even movies etc. Please bear in mind, for a country that is developing, I repeat, developing, we are pretty good on track. You are currently living in a developed country, now, that’s different. It doesn’t take a genius to different shed the word ‘developing’ and ‘developed’. So please, stop complaining about your own birth place. Malaysia is beautiful country, with many potential and opportunities to grow, and only an ungrateful citizen like you doesn’t realize that.

Just be grateful with what we have. And strive to be better in the future.

I hope you learn it NOW, then learning it after you lose it. Be grateful, aight?

Happy Merdeka all!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010 gone wrong

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about


Fashion is a general term for the style and custom prevalent at a given time, in its most common usage refers to costume or clothing style -

Like many other fashionistas out there, Antu likes to dress up and look pretty. But in Antu's opinion, when it comes to dressing up, or even buying clothes, comfort comes 1st. Antu wouldnt want to be walking keng-kang in heels after walking 10 steps up the stairs -_-"

Nowadays, people tend to dress up and being fashionable in every occasion. Looking good does have its price. Yes, in terms of financial; and also in health. You don’t have to be a fashion forgo, but educate yourself. It might help you to be a bit fashion wiser then you think.

Skinny Jeans a.k.a Meralgia Parethetica

Going to the gym, getting the buttocks trim-up, and finally looking good in them skinny jeans, you finally can get the dream date with Meralgia Parethetica; a luscious blonde Bulgarian skinny jean model.

Yeah right, dream again. Meralgia Parethetica in fact is a health condition that you’ll get while trying to look good in your favorite rock stars wannabe skinnies. It’s a condition where you will feel tingling sensation on your upper thigh, resulting numbness. Wearing it more will increase fertility problems, yeast infection and dermatitis of the skin. So, to all skinnies lovers out there; no-no wearing skinny jeans too much, or you’ll end up walking like a pregnant wannabe instead.

Stilettos a.k.a Osteoarthritis

When you are happy walking, looking diva’ish with your stilettos, a Greek God named Osteoarthritis will come and share some love with you.

Well maybe in your dreams; because in reality, your ankle joints are worning out. The result will be that you will lose some love on your ankle; this is called Osteoarthritis. Those beautiful stilettos will maybe make you have a torn cartilage if you wear them too much. Plus walking a lot in them is a disaster for your knees. In consequence, before you reach 40, you can end up fashionably on crutches instead.

Thongs a.k.a Candidiasis

When going to a candy shop, the men will ask for a Candidiasis chocolate.And so the cute, thong-wearing sales girl will get them for him. Oh yes, she will.

Because that thong will deliver him one; for sure. Wearing a thong is sexy but if you don’t keep it clean enough, an effected down-under is what you get. Candidiasis is a virginal affection, bacterial growth at a woman’s private area. Thus, my advice to men out there; women sweating in thongs aren’t exactly fantasies for you guys. Thongs have songs for them, but the aftermath of it, doesn’t.


Thus, think twice about having something fashoinable to wear....because it can really save you from a lot of damages, money and also health wise.

You can be a fashion victim,

But you dont want to be a fashion patient =)

“Think again before you want to look good,
Cause if you don’t,
In future, you’ll be thinking you should.”

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RANDOM.....kaki conteng

Out of sheer randomness, Antu would like to talk about


"Graffiti is the name for images or lettering scratched, scrawled, painted or marked in any manner on property"

"Graffiti is any type of public markings that may appear in the forms of simple written words to elaborate wall paintings"

and mostly people, when mention the word graffiti, will vision writings/letters of graffiti-like

and in antu's case...she liky simple 'conteng' markers and spray cans *love*

and so today, antu's boss is out
in conclusion of refusing to do work, antu decided to do something that she havent done for a very,very,very
longggggggggggggggg (finger on 'g' 3 seconds) time



HOHOHOHOHO <--cute sinister laugh followed by national anthem played at the back


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